Bitter mother wants to know why lucky father gets to go galavanting with his friends for the weekend while bitter mother can’t even schedule in a shower! Oh yes somehow I agreed to this.

I take what called half shower. Wash the hair and then wash the body at a separate time. So now the 5 min shower is cut down to 2.5 min of alone time…….. If you can lock the door.


Reasons why mom should get a lollipop

1. Getting the baby down for nap
2. Getting all the kids to sit down at the table and be in time for soccer
3. Finding dads socks
4. Getting the kids fed and changed and in the car
5. Getting crayon off the fireplace
6. Taco Tuesdays
7. Getting kids bathed, cereal eaten, teeth brushed, book read and in bed all before greys
8. Figuring out which order to get the kids out of the car when it’s raining
9. Finding the perfect matching Christmas outfits
10. Getting them to wear them
11. Getting them to sit for the picture
12. Teaching them not to smile like chandler

I’ll think of more……