Mommy hangover

Do you remember those days when you used to drink–a lot– and you slept in woke up to minimal noise so all you could hear was your headache and you could eat a greasy breakfast to help you out? Well when you are pregnant for what feels like 5 years and breast feeding you don’t drink much and you become a cheap date but you forget even more so what a hangover feels like or really that you are not allowed to have one. Well let me tell you — don’t do it! Especially with 3 kids and a husband who is allowed to be hungover So much that while I get the three kids and myself ready he is pacing the basement floor wondering how he got himself to the place where he is. Hero mommy got us all ready to the piano recital on time then to the Christmas party then for dinner with people I’ve never met all while pretending I could handle my liquor. That idea to have some time for myself and enjoy some wine wasn’t so good after all. Screaming child doesn’t wanna put a suit on. Screaming child doesn’t want to stay quiet while his brother plays piano. Screaming baby is hungry. Crazy child wants to be chased around a banquet hall. Baby won’t let you have a coffee. Husband wants you to act normal around his friends while he complains all day about how he needs a nap. I think I still need a drink. Only next time I will do it alone and with nothing planned the next day.


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