Leaving daddy with instructions

We all know that men cannot multi task. But they cannot multi listen either! I’ve come to realize that I need to write instructions down when I attempt to leave children behind. At least the older 2 can ask for something. I left to go do something for myself yesterday. Well lazor which, in essence, is partly for him lol. I fed baby before I left and pumped right next to him while he slept in bed. The machine is loud. I told him to get up and watch kids and that I left pumped milk. I left the milk on the counter with nothing else around it to avoid confusion and he responded to which I concluded he was awake and listening. He thought the milk was old so he threw it out and made formula. For those of you who had the pleasure of breastfeeding you can appreciate why I cried. Lol
Today I left again. I breastfed the baby first. I told him to give her cereAl as yesterday I forgot to mention it. My fault and I told him if she is thirsty to give her water that was preboiled. He said it was too much info at once so I actually put the powder in a bowl for him. I come home to find him trying to put her to sleep with a bottle of water. I didn’t think I had to explain that water drinking was for cereal time after 3 kids but i was happy he fed her. I could tell by the dried up cereal all over her face. I guess I should be more specific. Yesterday I was told not to give him instruction while he’s sleeping because he doesn’t hear me even though he responds. Urgh! Does this phone have a face for fml?


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