Mommy is never sick

Why is it when mommy is sick she still cooks meals, runs errands, does laundry and is smothered by children in the wee hours of the morning but daddy is sick and stays in bed all day? I Don’t think daddy ever wonders who’s gonna take care of the kids if he lies down.

So I decided to make a soup with whatever vegetable I could find in the fridge knowing full well that I would end up making chicken nuggets for the kids. I looked up cream of celery which I believed would impress my sick husband. I chopped up celery and made it from scratch dealing with the kids in between every step and it was very tasty until that pinch of pepper was more like a fist and in an instant dinner was ruined. Not to mention the overcooked calamari I decided to be adventurous with. I don’t know how to deep fry calAmari. What the heck was I thinking? So my husband finally pulls himself out of bed after the 10th attempt to wake him up, sits down takes one spoon of soup and says its good but he’s gonna barf. Nice. Soups in garbage. Fish in garbage but kids ate their nuggets so I decided to award them with cheesecake lollipops which automatically meant bath time. Which equals wet floor. So kitchens a disaster. Baby needs cereal. 3 year old is running up and down the hall naked cause mommy didn’t dry his Mario pajamas. 5 year old spilled medicine for croup on his bed cause I was too busy feeding baby to stand there and watch him drink it and kids are taking so long to get to sleep that mommy had time to dry the pjs and the nightly question by the 5 year old. How many more hours till morning? Did I mention I’ve been nauseous since Friday !!


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