New Town tragedy

I am trying to watch the memorial service while I should be cleaning the kitchen as I can usually multi task but I have to sit down. I know I am usually making jokes about my family but when I think about what happened not only does it make you wonder if there is a God but it makes you stop and think about all those times you were upset to hear your babies cry. Upset that they made a mess or they wouldn’t quiet down or they wouldn’t eat or they embarrassed you or they didn’t listen and realize it takes up so much wasted time to be upset over it. More time can be spent telling them how much you love them, what a great job they are doing being your child and that they are making you proud. Kiss them every time you leave the house whether they are coming with you or you are leaving them behind because you do not know or cannot control what is out there in this world. They always need to know, as do you need to remember, that they always make you happy more than they upset you. Make it your goal to make them smile as much as they make you and you can pat yourself on the Back and say you did your Job as a good parent. Hugs and kisses.


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