Festive nap

Why is it that after a festive meal men think it is their God given right to get up from the table of great family discussion to go take a nap. All they did that day was GET UP! –Late, might I add, as it is mommy that they jump on Christmas morning to come open the gifts, no matter how late they went to bed. The women take care of breakfast, get kids ready, cook a meal, shopped for all the presents and wrapped them and they do not even imagine that we may need that nap more than them. Do they think that because it is Christmas, children do not need to eat and nap and be played with and changed? Do they think all the little elves will come clean the 3 sets of unnecessary dishes we used because when it’s Christmas for some reason salad needs its own plate? My husband’s answer would be, “Babe, no one said you couldn’t nap.” Urgh! I guess the kids will make sure the Christmas tree doesn’t catch fire huh?


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