What did you do all day? Answered

I finally did it girls! A mother/wife’s dream. I got my husband to turn to me and say, ” I don’t know how you do it , Babe?” “What? Say that again so i can film it and show you every time you turn and ask me what i did all day. ” I had to throw my back out for it to happen. I haven’t been able to move since Christmas and so he had to hold the baby, wipe every nose and bum, make the meals, break up the fights, get the juice, and clean up the barf. And I still managed to fold the laundry and yell at the kids for him once in a while. His night was interrupted by sick baby and the look of fear and confusion along with not knowing where to start first and how to end on his face all day made me feel bad for him. Of course there were points of the day where I wanted to look at him and tell him that I would have done things differently like clean up breakfast dishes before preparing lunch, but I realized the computer might crash if I did so. After all, he was doing laundry and actually folding some, so I was very grateful and didnt want to crush his efforts and his belief in his heroism. But by the end of the day he was curled into a ball moaning, ” I just want to go to work” hahahahaha. I have to stop laughing because he will never try again if I do. I do have to admit it feels good though. Lol


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