A new man

I have to say that I’ve found a new love for my husband. Yesterday while he allowed me to nap, he found the energy to make a potato leak soup from scratch and a roast. Crazy I know. He even got the kids to eat raw carrots. Something boring, not tough enough mommy, can never do. He set the table and cleaned the table. I guess cause he realized that this time if he left it there the only one who could clean it up was him. I’m assuming this means he has a new appreciation for me as I do for him. Just to watch him stay up and rock our sick daughter back to sleep at 3:00 am when he had to be at work at 9:00am, made my heart melt. I should get hurt more often. Lol. Or maybe I should keep blogging and pretending i don’t know that he reads my blogs. Love you babe!


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