Kiddy cartoons

Let’s talk about cartoons for a second:

Who picked out Dora’s outfit? Who sat there and decided there wasn’t enough ink to make her shirt an inch longer?? Seriously am i supposed to let my daughter watch a little girl who is half naked run around a jungle with a monkey???

At least half naked pebbles was a cave child.

And what about Max and Ruby. Im waiting for the day when my kids ask me where the hell their parents are??? Who thought it was ok to have 2 bunnies live alone?

And what about Caillou? Do I really need a kid to teach my kids how to make their Whine even more annoying ? Whoever thought these cartoons up must just want to torture us?

How about the smurfs? 1 papa, 1 million kids, 1 daughter, No mamma smurf. Not your typical family. It’s like a tlc show.

4 squares. 4 singing weirdos in clothes tighter than Dora’s. really???

Daniel cook. Must be related to caillou.

Yo gabba gabba. A bad acid trip.

Whatever happened to Sesame Street where adults talked to puppets? That was pretty normal. Wasn’t it?????



What is it about booger that is so fascinating to children? Do they like the taste or do they just have nowhere else to put it? Are they too lazy to get a Kleenex? I cant get them to put a veggie in their mouth but booger — no problem. Maybe I don’t put enough salt in their food! It’s disgusting. If they don’t eat it, they are wiping it on the walls or on the couch. Someone please explain. And they almost all do it? Are they taught it? Do they see someone else doing it? Is it the “in” thing at daycare? There’s even a lesson on rolling it and flicking it. Someone must be teaching a course I don’t know about. I refuse to believe it is innate!