Good cop Bad cop

Is there really a Good cop parent and a Bad Cop Parent? Cause I’m like that cop that sits at the desk. Takes in all the crazies and criminals and yells on the PA system but no one freaking hears or sees me unless they want something. Even then they just pass the cheese string for me to open without making eye contact.

In my house Dad gets to play both cops. I don’t get how that happened either but it did. He spends maybe a total of half hour a day with the kids and in that half hour he is like the scariest drill sergeant nazi and the funniest papa in the world. They listen to what he tells them to do. It’s like different children exist for that half hour.

Do I like it or don’t I? Well it’s nice to get the kids off my back for that little time and maybe get some things done but he also manages to teach them to burp at the table and at the end of those whole 30 minutes He looks at me with those eyes that say, “piece of cake. What is all your complaining about?”

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I wanna see you keep that up all day!!!!! You can only be chipper and excited about playing letter games during lunch for so long. I want to see how you feel after constantly scolding and having to be behind them every 2 seconds. 2 arms 2 legs 3 kids. While you are having your half hour. I’m still here for you to fall back on.

Yes. I’ve left them here with him and gone out. He makes popcorn and puts them in front of a movie and they all sit down and even nap! Soooo easy. Urgh!!!!!!

I wanna be the president!!!


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