Winning the battle

I just spent an hour and 20 minutes hearing my son cry and scream because he wanted to play the iPad instead of eating his pasta.

You have to understand my son. He’s not just cute. He’s a handsome charmer. Its like telling Brad Pitt he didn’t get the part and he freaks out while at the same time asking for a kiss.

He’s also a middle child. You feel like you didn’t give him as much attention as the first or the last child so he gets away with things. He also gets away with things because no one wants to hear him scream or embarrass them or have him wake up the baby. And so his behaviour worsens. You know how they say it takes a village It only takes one village idiot to give him an f’ing lollipop when he is doing something he shouldn’t because they think he will stop. Of course he will stop!!!!! He’s sucking an f’ ING lollipop!! But guess what? He will do it again. Why wouldn’t he? Cry = get lollipop. What happens on that day where you run out of lollipops? He’s gonna keep crying till you f’ing walk to the store to get him a lollipop. Come on!!!!!!! Back in the day you got a nice one in the face and never even took a lollipop if you were good in case it was some kind of trick

If a child only knew the rage you were holding back. I never knew how much will power and patience a child can really teach you. You hear about it but you really don’t know until you have your own. It’s easy when you are a caregiver who can return the child at the end of the day. But there are no returns here. It’s you against the half pint!! And you need to win. They need to know you are gonna win so they won’t keep trying. For your sanity and theirs.

So I’ve told myself that I don’t care how long it takes for this extinction burst. I’m winning. And tonight I won. He negotiated with me but I still won the battle. Next time it won’t take as long. It’s a proven fact. I hope this makes him either a good salesman or a great actor.
Would be nice to make some money off my troubles. Lol


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