Priorities and excuses

So i tried to be a good mom and make dinner exciting. Let’s make quesadillas and have the kids help me. So I let my 5 year old grate the cheese which he’s done many times. His hand slips and he cuts his knuckles and after crying hysterically he says mommy I hope it’s better by Tuesday. “Why Tuesday?” I say. ” because that’s iPad playing day”. That’s what he thinks about ! What about school on Monday? What if you can’t write?” ” I’ll just use my other hand. ” —— Priorities

Then his father comes home and he says, ” I can’t run papa . I hurt my finger. ” —–excuses. which I find funny and annoying at the same time. Then as I knew would happen, my husband gets mad at me because I let my son use the grater which he has used a million times. He says, ” I never let him grate cheese.” He’s obviously never had a child asking for cheese on his pasta while holding another and getting the third one juice. He Says, ” I’m not mad at you son. I’m mad at your mother ” and my wonderful son who I was trying to have mommy time with decides to throw me under the bus says, “ya, she let me do it!” Thanks!!! That’s what i get.


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