Doesn’t it get confusing when you try to punish your child for something you do or you potentially taught them? Lol like when they come home and another kid on the bus says your son used the F word. I wonder where he learned that? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the teacher. You ask him why he did that and he tells you the kid was staring at him. You really wanna high five him. But you nicely tell him,”just tell him not to do that or ask him why he is looking at you. Maybe he liked your hat.”. You try your best to make yourself look like a good mom in front of the other parent and scold your son in front of them telling them how bad it is to say that and they hurt someone’s feelings. What you really want to say is, “FUCK kid. Keep that shit at home where I can slap you” And you stand there secretly praying that he won’t say, “but mommy, you say that.” How do you explain to them that you are an adult and you are allowed? As if you are not hurting someone yourself. I could just see that lesson. “Honey, mommy says “fuck” when she is angry or surprised or in awe or finds something funny. She’s not saying it about someone.” Pretty much mommy fucking swears all the time. The only thing she doesn’t say is ” Fuck you” no matter how much she wants to sometimes. “Ok honey? Don’t do it anymore” lmao I love how the other mother just stands there trying to help you show disappointment in your son when you know damn well she is saying to herself, “Thank fucking God that wasn’t my son” Buahahaha. Fake parents. Go bake pancakes with the PTA and pretend you go to church on Sundays and you happened to miss it the one time i show up!!
So I tell my son that he has to write a sorry note. So he takes a piece of paper and writes”I’m sorry ” I said, “What are you sorry for?”so he writes ,” for saying the F word” although he claims he only said half the word. Lol. So I say, aren’t you gonna draw a picture ?” He says,”no” ok I said write who it’s from. He says to me, “Mommy, I’m gonna give it to him. He’ll know who it’s from.” Little smart ass! Then I tell him that he can’t play his iPod until he comes home from school and he says he doesn’t like that punishment. Hahahahaha. “That’s why it’s called punishment. You’re not supposed to like it. ” lol. He says, “Give me a botte instead!” i almost peed my pants. Isn’t parenting fun? Now if I could only use that on my husband!


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