Diaper bag recipe

For those of you men who wonder why it takes so much time to get a baby ready to go out, you fail to see that we dont just have to dress the child and go. It’s like an experimental cookie recipe. It involves timing and a hypothesis or 2. Depending on the time of day you need to bake these cookies, the ingredients needed may change.
You’ll need:
1 large multi pocket thermal diaper bag
1 diaper per hour you go out.
1 Change pad
1 pack of Wipes
1 container of Vaseline
1 container of Cream in case of rash
5 Disposable scented bags
1 extra undershirt
1 extra pair of pants
1 extra top
1 extra pair of socks
1 hat
1 sweater depending on whether
1 bottle of hot water in case the place you go to has none
1 sippy cup with drinkable water
1 pacifier
1 Back up pacifier or you cAn supplement with pacifier wipes
1 Pacifier string
1 Pacifier container
Formula enough for 2 bottles plus
backup in case you lose a bottle
1Burp pad
1 bib
1 serving of cereal and back up
1 meal including a meat and veggie and fruit
3 packs of Mummums to keep them busy in between.
You May need extra meal in case day goes long which or your daughter kicks the bowl out of your hand
1 extra bib
2 face cloths
2 spoons
1Fruit sucker
1 toy to distract them.
1 pair of Pajamas in case you end up staying late
1 Extra top for you for mishaps
1 Health card
1 bottle of Tempra in case of fever
1 Thermometer to know
2 Camillia for teething
2 Cocyntal for gas
2 Coryzalia for cold
1 Nose sucker
1 Extra Hair accessory
1 Hair tie for you that moment you decide everyone has already told you how good you look and you are too sweaty to care
2 Breast pads for you
3 Panty liners for you
I’m sure I forgot something.
No time left to bake it—are you kidding?? Did you really think I had time to bake????
And that’s only enough for one kid.
So next time I leave my husband home alone with the kids and he decides to go out without warning me, maybe he won’t forget the baby’s food!! Buon appetit!!!


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