Husband bashing.

Hello ive been a little busy. I was reminded to write my blog when i was at a bridal shower. In a room full of 175 woman the topic of husbands is bound to come up. Sorry to admit it boys but we dont have naked men walking around selling us tickets to distract us from remembering what we have at home. Showers arent that exciting. Its like going for a PAP. Noone really wants to go. It’s just something you have to do as a woman. So i was speaking to a lady and the topic came up of whether or not my husband was upset about the things i write. No he does not jump up with joy every time I write a blog but he understands why I write them. This blog was not created to bash my husband. It was created as a release for me. More like a comic relief and to find out by other people’s comments whether or not all men are in fact created equal and all children for that matter. So it is very therapeutic to find out that I’m not alone and when i look back and read it, before I press publish, I realize that my life is not only a test of strength but it is actually more like a sitcom and nothing is worth the knots you create in your stomach, laughing at it brings more pleasure because I know that one day the children will all grow up and if I don’t write down these moments, they may be forgotten. And as I like to say to my fellow mothers………”whatever gets you through the day!!!!”lol.


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