Others are going through it

So I went to bring my son to Italian school and it was a pretty good morning. I only had to prepare one child and not try to find a sitter last minute because sometimes my daughter is sleeping or eating when I need to bring him and on winter days I cannot fathom trying to bring all 3 kids, be on time, meaning no tantrums, take them out and put them back in. I also dont look forward to trying to find parking, because everyone knows they don’t make enough parking spots at an elementary school, even if you piled 10 children in one car. How the hell did that conversation go?

idiot 1: “ok so to build a school we need parking spots.”
Idiot 2: ” yes, so we have 10 teachers, let’s make 10 parking spots.”
Not so Idiot1: “What about the kids?”
Super idiot: “Kids don’t drive”
Super Super idiot: “oh, true. Ok then we are good then!!!!!!”

Stupid, stupid idiots!!!!! Did you forget that you told me my son was to close to the school to get bussed? Did you think I was gonna walk all 3 kids in the snow to your school???? and even if you realized I needed to drive my kid, did you think i was just going to drop my 5 year old off and let him roam the halls alone? He doesn’t even have the strength to open the door to the building. And if he did, my son cant go from point A to point B without analyzing all the brick deformities on the way to the classroom. Distraction is his best friend.

So i need to park. Crazy enough so do 15 million other parents whose kids were enrolled!! and guess what? they all start at the same time yes!!

Anyway, to my point, so as I walked into the school, I watched one parent bribe their kid to go to the classroom and another parent take his crying child and say,”I’ve had enough of this! You’re not playing the iPad when you get home!” So many thoughts ran through my mind.
Firstly, i smiled and thought, “Good, I’m not the only one who wants to strangle my kid in public. Secondly , with a grin, i thought, “Thank God that’s not me today”. Lol. But as i drove home i also thought. When are our kids actually scared? Are we forcing them to stay in a class with that scary Italian lady who seriously looks at me worse than my in laws do when i dont speak italian as if she’s thinking, “You just want a few hours to yourself on Saturday. You don’t really want to teach your kid Italian.” I would be scared of her if I was five. She does not look like she wants to be there either. Maybe she’s trying to be like the teachers way back when in Italy or Maybe I took her parking spot. Either way. Suffer bitch!! You gotta deal with it for 2.5 hours. I got a whole life ahead of me. And you get paid. I’m going to Tim Hortons!!!! lmao!!!!! And I’ll be late picking up my kid so I can get a parking spot!!’


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