Anything for my sick child.

So it’s past 1:00pm and my son hasn’t had lunch or breakfast. He’s been under the weather a few days and has been saying he’s not hungry. He’s been eating tidbits here and there but today he asks me for spaghetti and I jump for joy inside. I just cleaned up the kitchen disaster from last night and this morning and was about to make myself lunch because unless coffee constitutes as breakfast, I didn’t have breakfast yet either. I am not going to eat a plate of pasta,so I decide to make egg salad. I boil the water for my son and he asks me every 2 minutes if its ready and i feel bad but I’m happy about it. So i look in the pasta drawer and to my horror, i have no spaghetti!!! So in the most enthusiastic voice i say to my son, (who’s like a ticking time bomb I’m trying to disarm without cutting the red wire, or is it the blue one? ) “I have penne. Want penne? ” “No” Out comes misery. “What about alphabet soup?” “No spaghetti!” Now I know what all you perfect moms are saying. Too bad, let him cry. But the kid wants to eat and I’m not gonna risk him deciding he’s not hungry!!! So i message my neighbours, who are conveniently not answering, to see if they had spaghetti. I tried to get him to look in the drawer to see if he would change his mind and nothing. I tried thinking of different kinds of food to make look like spaghetti and nothing. Finally my neighbour messages me back and I tell my son, yay!,
I’m getting spaghetti from my neighbour. He didn’t like that idea, so I found myself sneaking out, running to the neighbours and telling my son I had a pack in the car. Whew, the day is saved and it’s only 2:00pm. So I make him spaghetti and do the “hide the butter” routine till it melts cause for 2 years my son has wanted pasta with nothing on it but he doesn’t get that it will stick. So I ask him if he wants cheese, cause even that depends on his mood and he says “no”. OF COURSE today he decides he wants sauce in his pasta. No turning back now. I blended some tomatoes, onion and garlic and made really undercooked sauce because we are on a time limit before he decides he’s not hungry. So I serve him and as I make my sandwich, I have to take breaks and help him twirl the pasta because that’s what he decided to choose the day I’m starving too. Finally I get to sit down and have my lunch and after one bite when he has inky taken 3, he looks at my sandwhich and says, Mommy what’s that?” For a moment I wanted to be in one if those cereal commercials and tell him it was really bad and he wouldn’t like it but anything for my sick child. I wanted to cut him a piece but he insisted on biting and putting his contaminated saliva into my longed for sandwich. So he bites and wants more and i give him a quarter of my sandwich, reluctantly. He took two bites and decided he didn’t want anymore along with the pasta. What he wanted was the glass of water that belonged to me, even though he had a perfectly good glass of juice in front of him with the straw he took 10 minutes to choose!!! but anything for my sick child!!! The best part is that I thought this time would be different.


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