Fight before 8:00am

Ok now after having 3 kids, I am officially a light sleeper but I think my children have figured out that they can ask me questions when I’m half asleep and I’ll usually give in because I’m too lazy to get up or I really don’t even realize what’s going on. The other day my son decided to ask me if he could play the iPad before 8:00 am and I said yes, forgetting that although it was iPad playing day my husband told them that they couldn’t play until after 3:00 anymore because of course he is unaffected by that change. I, on the other hand are now woken up by them because they can no longer just wake up and quietly play iPad.
Anyway, this morning, My son asks me while I’m in bed where the gummies that nonna ( of course) brought yesterday. I told him He can’t have gummies for breakfast. Although i was half asleep, he wasn’t going to trick Me. But as i fell back asleep i heard chairs moving in the kitchen. He’s 4. Of course now I’m being forced to get up out of bed to brace myself for a fight. “Antonio, what are you doing?” “looking for the gummies”. Of course I’m thinking, “damnit nonna, i could’ve slept!” So i throw in some bait and see if he catches it. It is hit or miss with this middle child. “Antonio, you need to eat breakfast before you have gummies”. Here we go! “No!!!!!!!” “No,no,no!” and he forgets how to make full sentences. “Gummies, gummies”. I say, “Sorry”. So he goes into the fridge, as he had before, and I’m thinking he’s gonna grab a cheese string or something that he knows he can eat fast. But I say to myself that’s fine because at least I’ll have won the fight. I don’t want him to wake up his sister. He turns and looks at me and says, ” I want pizza”. “Pizza!!! Where the fuck am I gonna get pizza at 8:00 am? I’m not ordering pizza. ” I hoped it wasn’t a game he was playing to see how high I would jump when he said ” jump”. To my joy, there was frozen pizza downstairs. “Please make it be the one he likes, otherwise I’m in trouble. Thank god! Pepperoni! ” Sometimes I wanna kiss my husband for buying this crap!! ( I said sometimes). Anyway, I made pizza while he kept asking when it was arriving. The point is, sometimes it’s ok to make pizza at 8:00 am. As long as you’ve won the fight. I’ve never seen him eat so much and he forgot about those damn gummies. The down side is, I’m eating pizza for breakfast. Lol


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