Super mom ?

Yes. I have three kids. Yes. I made that choice. No surprises. Yes. I made my bed and now I’m sleeping in it. Who am I kidding? I never make my bed. All I obviously did for the last 6 years was mess it up. Lmao!!
But I’m tired of hearing I’m super mom! “How do you do it?” Not because it’s not a nice thing to say but because its hard to believe. For me super mom is someone who feeds their kids all the right foods, brings them to all the right lessons, is always on time with children who have the same 2 socks on, and teaches them things that amaze other people, like how to not fart at the table. These were all intentions I seriously had. But it’s impossible. It’s like going up the escalator on the down side. Looks impossible but you can do it if you
quickly miss some steps. No one will notice but you. As long as you get to your destination. But it’s actually you knowing that matters. It’s the sucky part. I’m not supermom. I wanted to be. I think i actually started out that way. But im not. Supermom isn’t the crazy screaming neighbour. Supermom doesn’t put a video on for her kid so she can nap. Supermom brings her kids everywhere she goes. She doesn’t call her mother all the time. Supermom doesn’t teach her older child more than her younger one. She doesn’t make chicken nuggets or hot dogs. She bakes cakes and has lemonade stands. She does puzzles and paints with her kids. She loves them all the time and tells them how great they are. She says bedtime prayers and doesn’t skip pages in the bedtime story. She makes sure they always brush their teeth and aren’t wearing the same clothes for 2 days. She’s on the parent council and serves pizza lunch. She’s the first one to sign up for school trips. But it’s not me. And I get down on myself for not doing everything I planned, the way I planned it. I guess when you’re planning the action, you forget that there’s a reaction you can’t plan. You can’t plan that one kid is gonna love books and the other one won’t care. You can’t plan that one kid is gonna pee their pants or barf right when you are ready to leave. You can’t plan for them to love sauce on their pasta. (A shame. I know) it’s true. They do grow up too fast. Because all those intentions you had on teaching them things that keep getting put aside they may never learn or they will learn from someone else. ( which also hurts). What am I trying to say??? I’m trying to say it sucks to feel like you can never be a super mom so someone please tell me it actually doesn’t exist. The only way I see it existing is if you are not working and you are not responsible for keeping up your house. And that’s only possible for a small percentage. And even that small percentage is too busy doing their nails ( which may be well deserved) to do everything they wanted as a mom.
So to those of you who think I’m super mom. The answer to “how do you do it?” Is “I don’t” I skip steps. My house is a disaster. My kids are not bathed every night. They can’t all read at the age of 2. So don’t stress. Do what gets you through it. Stop reading books and calling other moms super because I’m sure they shove everything under their bed when you come over. Lol. You’re doing a great job loving them and they know it. ( even if they tell you on your birthday, ” Mommy, as you get older, you get meaner”)lol


2 thoughts on “Super mom ?

  1. So true! But my defination of a supermom is a mom just like you and I! Who do their best everyday in the real world not the perfect world we all believed as young children that we will one day live in. Is a Mom who puts her family’s needs before her own. It is also a mom who ensure that their children do everything they can to explore who they are or who they want to be, because the house will always be there, the chores will always be there but your young children will only be young once! So You are a supermom! 🙂

  2. “It takes a village to raise a child.” No one said you have to do it all to be super mom, but knowing what is best and doing what is best for you, ultimately means for your kids as you are all as one. Asking for help, taking a nap when you are tired… For example is only modeling good behavior and coping skills for your child. It is showing when you are tired it is best to take a nap. It is better to ask for help and or take a nap then become a tired nervous disaster reck… No one will benefit from that! Being a great mom means being a great person who models behaviors and characteristics like love, respect, empathy, good listening skills, responsibility and the ability to cope in various situations. Kids pick up on everything… Not every lesson needs to be directed showed or taught. It is your everyday actions, words and feeling that kids will pick up on most. So, don’t worry if the house is a mess and laundry is not done, put on your smile… hug, kiss and hold your child and everything will be ok!
    Joanna 🙂

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