Expectant mother parking

Listen ladies, I understand you’re all excited that you’re 2 hours pregnant but that does not mean you can park in expectant mother parking!!!!! Seriously if you are under 5 months pregnant you cannot park there!!!! You have not waddled enough to earn the right to park there. Your stomach is not so big that if you parked in a regular spot you wouldn’t be able to open your door to get out to fit between the 2 cars. Pushing a cart over to the 2nd or third spot is not gonna hurt you, honestly!! And for family parking, if you’re youngest kid is 5 years old or over you do not need to park there either. If your 5 year old is gonna run off into the parking lot or needs to be carried you have bigger problems than having to walk a whole 30 seconds. You do not have an infant carrier to take out of the car that will cause you to bang your door against the car beside you having to make you put the baby back in so you can move your car and park somewhere else in a panic or a 3 year old that may push the door open too far!! Come on!!! That’s like saying “I wear contacts, I need to park in handicapped parking.” Paediatricians and obgyns should have to issue you a sign that expires just like the handicapped get. Although if you’re Italian you probably, “know a guy” I’m watching you!!!


One thought on “Expectant mother parking

  1. i have to say when i get preggers i park in the spots, my tummy is so sore even when im not pregnant so when it starts to get bigger im in so much pain its crazy,

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