Well I bought these 2 baking books cause they were cute and on sale. One of them is all cookies and one is all muffins and of course they were meant to just be dust collectors but my boys got a hold of them and decided to use them for night time reading. Thank God I bought 2 books. Now they wanted me to bake —great!!! As if I’m Martha Fucking Stewart and they ask me the week I decide to diet. Then the guilt inside me brought me back to those days where I dreamed of bring Mrs. Brady or one of those mothers I see always posting baking fun with their kids on Facebook and thought why not spend an hour and try this. Believe it or not I had the ingredients for one of my children’s 2 choices. Thank God the little one won the battle and the older one backed down as usual– poor kid. And even better news– he chose blueberry muffins. I hate blueberry muffins. At least I won’t eat them. And tell me, who thinks its fun or cute to bake with their kids???? Fishing for egg shells in the mixture is not fun for me!!! Cleaning the floor and sticky counter is not fun for me!! Trying to fight off their fingers from digging into the batter is not fun!!! Anyway, I did it. Maybe I forgot the sugar or maybe the person who wrote the recipe did, but they were just horrible. And they did not make 12. And they mostly went in the garbage. So I’m waiting for them to complain that I didn’t make their other choice yet because I didn’t go buy the ingredients yet and I had this thought. Wouldn’t it be fun to be Julie or Julia and try to make everything in these 2 books? I know crazy right?? I think I’ll try but it will probably take 5 years cause there’s no fucking way I have the time Julie or Julia have on their hands to make one every day!!! I’ll keep you updated. Here’s the first one.





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