Baking day 3

Finally success!! Sucks cause there’s not much to write. Tasted good though. Peanut butter and jelly cookies. Not good enough to present at an Italian bridal shower though. First of all no one would know that peanut butter and jelly go together and secondly it’s presentation is not good. The cookies are not Round to perfection like an amaretto and no fake silver dollarama guantiera (tray)is gonna disguise that!!! Oh well more for me. So much for that diet.



What it’s like to have a phone conversation with a mother of three

Mother desperately waiting for adult interaction answers phone all out of breath.
Mom: “hello!”
Childless friend: “hey”
Mom: “Billy!!!!!”
Childless friend: “No it’s me Beth”
M: “ya sorry, I knew it was you. Billy’s got his finger up his nose. Putting it in his sisters hair. Shoot me. Hubby’s at work.” Blablablablabla an hour about how much motherhood sucks.
F: “So I went on that date”
M: “oh ya! Is it Saturday already?”How was that?” Thinking how she could not remember what a date was. Jealous of her friend and depending on level of stress that day doesn’t really want to hear about it. “Bobby!”
F:”No, his name was Pete”
M: “I know, sorry. Bobby thinks he’s superman flying off the couch”
F: ” We went to that restaurant with the waterfall.”
M: “Don’t touch that!!”
F: “Touch what? Why not?”
M: “Oh not you. Sorry, go on”
F: “and the food…”
M: “you want pasta or chicken nuggets?” Talking to rug rats
F: “We had pasta.” wondering why the hell her friend would think she’d order chicken nuggets on a date.
M: “oh ya? Was it good”
F: “Ya. He got us a limo too”
M: “Wipe the seat!”
F:”It seemed brand new!”
M: “sorry what? These kids are disgusting. oh sounds nice. You done?”
F: “uh what? You want me to call you back?”
M: “no sorry why? Just wiping Billy’s bum”
F: “oh” disgusted. “Call me back later. ”
M: “no, no. It’s ok”
F: “So, he leans in to kiss me and…”
M: “Damnit!!! Let me call you back!!!!”

I could see how my husband thinks I’m on the phone all day but really. Conversations are a rarity. Most of the time I’m returning phone calls. Lol!!

Baking day 2

Well today is cookies. Seemed ok until I got to the “roll into a ball and mush with a spoon part.” Hard to roll something that’s all crumbs. What to do ??? It needed to be more like pillsbury dough. I read the ingredients over 3 times and I’m sure I didn’t miss anything. What did I do wrong???? It needs more butter. But I have none. Oil. Vegetable oil should work. Well it helped make it stickier but not sure how its gonna taste. I’m pretty sure this is not what a mixture should look like.

20130731-205112.jpg maybe I shouldn’t bake so late but it was the only way I could get the kids to stop begging for ice cream after soccer. Even in the rain!!

20130731-210304.jpgmmmmm chocolate flavoured vegetable oil. Lmao!!! Somewhat edible but I wouldn’t serve them to guests. Lol!!!