Baking day 2

Well today is cookies. Seemed ok until I got to the “roll into a ball and mush with a spoon part.” Hard to roll something that’s all crumbs. What to do ??? It needed to be more like pillsbury dough. I read the ingredients over 3 times and I’m sure I didn’t miss anything. What did I do wrong???? It needs more butter. But I have none. Oil. Vegetable oil should work. Well it helped make it stickier but not sure how its gonna taste. I’m pretty sure this is not what a mixture should look like.

20130731-205112.jpg maybe I shouldn’t bake so late but it was the only way I could get the kids to stop begging for ice cream after soccer. Even in the rain!!

20130731-210304.jpgmmmmm chocolate flavoured vegetable oil. Lmao!!! Somewhat edible but I wouldn’t serve them to guests. Lol!!!


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