Taking down Christmas decor

I finally took the time to take down my Christmas decor. (What???? I had no time. Three kids, remember??)
It’s a little sad cause I love the Christmas feeling and the lights but most of all I love how my Decor covers places like floors, mantles, ledges and counter tops that just scream “leave crap on me” the rest of the year. Now I have all sorts of places where we can put things down for a sec when you walk into the house that take a week to put away.
Someone please explain to me how the fake cheap Christmas tree gets out of the box and never seems to fit back in. Also, please explain to my husband that I don’t like struggling to get the tangled lights off the tree as he wouldn’t let me get a pre lit one because I would lose the spirit of Christmas. I gave in cause I won the battle against coloured lights.
Someone also please explain to me how there are needles on the floor from this fake tree after I am done putting it away. I didn’t pay a lot of money for an authentic looking one so I certainly don’t expect an authentic acting one. That’s the reason I don’t have a flipping dog!! The fake one on my porch works just fine.
Of course I’m almost done putting everything away and I break an ornament. Fantastic!! Next year I am really gonna seran wrap that shit and stick it in the garage just like that—decorations still attached.



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